31 January 2014

Julian Assange has been detained without charge for 1149 days. 
 - 589 days at the Ecuadorian Embassy.
Chelsea Manning has been in prison for 1343 days.  
Jeremy Hammond has been in prison for 695 days. 
A secret Grand Jury on WikiLeaks has been active for 1226 days.

WikiLeaks News: 
  • Professor Jake Lynch of the University of Sydney states that WikiLeaks cables and coordinates of shellings show that the Sri Lankan army was responsible for civilian deaths.
  • A video has been made of clips from DreamWorks' "The Fifth Estate" overlayed with facts from WikiLeaks' memo which debunk many of the ideas presented in the film.

Julian Assange News:
  • Julian Assange will appear on Meet the Press this Sunday to discuss Edward Snowden and NSA surveillance. 
  • Swedish newspaper Expressen attacked Amnesty International for calling on Sweden to grant assurances against Julian Assange's extradition to the US.
  • Swedish feminist author Helene Bergman wrote an article on the Swedish case against Julian Assange, noting the vicious attacks from journalists and decision of guilt by the media, despite him never even being charged.
  • In an interview with Radio Schweden, Former Swedish prosecutor Rolf Hillegren argues why the Swedish case against Julian Assange should be closed.
  • Julian Assange's Swedish attorney Thomas Olsson and complainant AA's attorney Claes Borgström will both appear on SVT Agenda, February 2.
  • In light of the recent Amanda Knox ruling, an article in IBTimes looks at some of the most controversial extradition cases including those of Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and others.

Chelsea Manning News:
  • Chelsea Manning's friend Aaron Kirkhouse will accept the Sam Adams Prize for Integrity in Intelligence on Pvt. Manning's behalf at the Oxford Union ceremony, February 14.