6 October 2013

Julian Assange has been detained without charge for 1035 days. 
 - 475 days at the Ecuadorian Embassy.
Chelsea Manning has been in prison for 1229 days.  
Jeremy Hammond has been in prison without sentencing for 581 days. 
A secret Grand Jury on WikiLeaks has been active for 1114 days.

WikiLeaks News:
  • New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson commented on WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden during a conversation with The New Yorker’s Ken Auletta. In response to a question on whether the leaks were a public service she stated, "On balance, they are, yes (a public service). In the case of Snowden, the breadth of the eavesdropping that has gone on is something the public should know. So yes, in his case and in the case of WikiLeaks … On balance, those were important stories in the public interest."
  • Stratfor emails released by WikiLeaks show that the CIA has been monitoring probes into terror attacks on Mumbai.

Julian Assange News:
  • The latest episode of BBC's "By Any Means" involved a Julian Assange-esque plot where a man is kidnapped by M15 from within an embassy. WikiLeaks' Twitter account called it a "state funded fantasy".