18 October 2013

Julian Assange has been detained without charge for 1046 days. 
 - 486 days at the Ecuadorian Embassy.
Chelsea Manning has been in prison for 1240 days.  
Jeremy Hammond has been in prison without sentencing for 592 days. 
A secret Grand Jury on WikiLeaks has been active for 1124 days.

WikiLeaks News:
  • Over three years after WikiLeaks released "Collateral Murder", the commander of the Apache pilots involved spoke out in defense of their actions.
  • DreamWorks' WikiLeaks movie "The Fifth Estate" premiered today in the US to a poor box office performance. The $30 million film is looking to make only $2.4 million its opening weekend.
    • WikiLeaks released a video of friends of Julian Assange commenting after seeing "The Fifth Estate", noting it's inaccurate characterization of Mr Assange and its failure to recognize the significant information WikiLeaks has revealed.
    • US State Department employees have been cleared to watch "The Fifth Estate", despite still being banned from accessing the WikiLeaks website.
    • The Freedom of the Press Foundation published video and transcript of a roundtable discussion on "The Fifth Estate" held at Noisebridge in San Francisco.

Chelsea Manning News:
  • A fund has been created to help Chelsea Manning's Welsh relatives afford trips to visit her in prison.
  • The Pvt. Manning Support Network published an interview with its founder Jeff Patterson.