17 June 2013

WikiLeaks has been financially blockaded without process for 928 days.
 - Direct blockade currently on hold - will resume in 11 days.
Julian Assange has been detained without charge for 926 days. 
 - 364 days at the Ecuadorian Embassy.
Bradley Manning has been in prison for 1120 days.  
- 7 days into court martial.
Jeremy Hammond has been in prison without trial for 471 days. 
A secret Grand Jury on WikiLeaks has been active for 1005 days.

WikiLeaks News:
  • WikiLeaks released 29,123 Stratfor emails on Nigeria.
  • WikiLeaks cables show that Theodor Meron, former ICTY president, served as a US puppet and for acquitting several war criminals.
  • In a chat hosted by The Guardian, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden said that WikiLeaks is "legitimate journalistic outlet and they carefully redacted all of their releases in accordance with a judgment of public interest". He also commented on the Obama Administration's crackdown on whistleblowers.
  • Alexa O'Brien's US v. WikiLeaks database has been updated, including with a new layout.

Julian Assange News:
  • After a meeting between Ecuadorian FM Ricardo Patino and UK FS William Hague, Julian Assange's situation is still at an impasse. FM Patino criticized the UK's handling of the situation and restated his commitment to protecting Mr Assange, saying he is fit enough to be in the embassy for five years.

Bradley Manning News:
  • Today was the seventh day of Bradley Manning's trial. It is expected to last until late August. Transcripts of all hearings are being released through the Freedom of the Press Foundation.