4 May 2013

WikiLeaks has been financially blockaded without process for 884 days.
Julian Assange has been detained without charge for 881 days. 
 - 319 days at the Ecuadorian Embassy.
Bradley Manning has been in prison without trial for 1076 days.  
Jeremy Hammond has been in prison without trial for 427 days. 
A secret Grand Jury on WikiLeaks has been active for 961 days.

WikiLeaks News:
Julian Assange News:
  • WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson gave a TEDx talk where she mentioned Julian Assange's continued refuge in the Embassy, which may continue for at least another six months.
  • Who Magazine published an article about Julian Assange based on conversations with his father, John Shipton, who visited his son in the Ecuadorian Embassy last year. An excerpt of the piece can be read here, and the full PDF of the 4-page spread is available here (must be downloaded for readable quality).

Bradley Manning News: 
  • Actor and comedian Russell Brand come out in support of Bradley Manning in a photo of him holding an "I Am Bradley Manning" sign.
  • A panel discussion on Bradley Manning will be held on May 8 at The Century Club in London. Panellists will be Ben Griffin, Chase Madar, and Andy Worthington. Also in attendance will be Vivienne Westwood and Peter Tatchell.
  • In response to U.S. criticism over the treatment of three journalists in Ecuador, President Correa brought up the need for the U.S. to protect Bradley Manning.
    not exactly an admirer of the Italian leader as a person - See more at: http://www.indianexpress.com/news/wikileaks-when-berlusconi-brought-silk-scarves-for-hillary-clinton/1110505/#sthash.KRUCfB4p.dpuf
    Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi