WikiLeaks has been financially blockaded without process for 464 days.
Julian Assange has been under house arrest without charge for 461 days.  
Bradley Manning has been in jail without trial for 658 days.  

Day 6: WikiLeaks calls for Expressen editor Thomas Mattsson to retract or resign.

WikiLeaks News:
  • Chris Hedges wrote on how the Supreme Court is likely to endorse Obama's war on whistleblowers. Daniel Ellsberg states his belief that he wouldn't see his case dismissed today as it was in 1973.
  • A full video of Daniel Ellsberg's talk on the Pentagon Papers and WikiLeaks at Princeton is now available.

Julian Assange News:
  • Dave Phillips has provided a list of hard evidence which has yet to surface regarding the allegations against Julian Assange.
  • Liberte-info did an in-depth interview with Christine Assange, where she discussed her son's current fight against extradition and how citizens can help.
  • A Facebook page has been created for the planned rallies all over Australia to bring Julian Assange home.

Bradley Manning News:
  • The Reporters Committee has sent out a letter, signed by 46 media organizations and associations, to the Department of Defense urging it to implement regulations to provide timely access to court records for Bradley Manning's court martial.
  • The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture has formally accused the US Government of cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment towards Bradley Manning.
  • A vigil is planned for Bradley Manning at Fort Meade, March 15 from 7-9AM.