On WikiLeaks:
  • Turkey: Former opposition leader Deniz Baykal plans to press charges over bribe accusations against him based on a WikiLeaks cable.
  • An article in NYTimes eXaminer looks into the relationship between WikiLeaks and the New York Times, including NYT contacting the US Government before the publication of cables.

On Julian Assange:
  • New documents from Julian Assange's Supreme Court appeal have been uploaded: submission by appellant, submission by respondent, agreed facts, written intervention, and summary of intervention.
  • A FOI request for information regarding Julian Assange's extradition case was refused by the UK Crown Prosecution Service.

On Bradley Manning:

Upcoming Dates:

02/17/2012: "Don't Shoot the Messenger" panel in Sydney, with Christine Assange et al. 
02/17/2012: Forum on Bradley Manning w/ Daniel Ellsberg at UC Berkeley. 
02/19/2012: Julian Assange to guest star on the 500th episode of 'The Simpsons.'
02/26/2012: Announcement of Academy Awards. "Incident in New Baghdad" is in the running. 
04/25/2012: Kristinn Hrafnsson to speak at International Journalism Festival in Perugia.
05/23/2012: Julian Assange to speak at EIM2012 in The Netherlands.

WikiLeaks has been financially blockaded for 432 days.
(more info: http://wikileaks.org/Banking-Blockade.html)
Julian Assange has been under house arrest without charge for 428 days.  
Bradley Manning has been detained for 626 days.