On WikiLeaks: 
  • The latest Spy Files release looks at the $5 billion yearly value of the global surveillance industry; which companies are selling, and which governments are buying.
  • Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will meet with former Commerce Minister Bo Xilai who, according to a WikiLeaks diplomatic cable, lost his promotion for his persecution of Falun Gong.
  • The president of Maldives, Mohammed Nasheed, has resigned after weeks of protest and police mutiny. His reputation was tarnished by a WikiLeaks cable which said he received $50 mil to sign on to the Copenhagen climate accord.
  • Kim Ives, who worked on the Haiti WikiLeaks files, finished a speaking tour which discussed the destructive political intervention by the US and other countries which led to so many of Haiti's problems.
  • Mark Thiessen, former speechwriter for President George W. Bush and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, writes about how the Pentagon could destroy WikiLeaks' servers.

On Julian Assange:
  • M15 whistleblower Annie Machon compares the cases of Julian Assange, who is facing extradition without charge, and Abu Qatada, who cannot be extradited despite being found guilty in absentia for terrorist attacks in Jordan and being wanted in seven other countries.
  • In a new interview with Green Left Weekly, Christine Assange discusses the many facts about her son's case which the media does not report on.
  • The EFF will give recommendations to the European Parliament about combating the large sale of surveillance technologies, many of which is discussed in WikiLeaks' Spy Files.

On Bradley Manning:

Upcoming Dates:

02/17/2012: "Don't Shoot the Messenger" panel in Sydney, with Christine Assange et al. 
02/17/2012: Forum on Bradley Manning w/ Daniel Ellsberg at UC Berkeley. 
02/19/2012: Julian Assange to guest star on the 500th episode of 'The Simpsons.'
02/26/2012: Announcement of Academy Awards. "Incident in New Baghdad" is in the running. 
04/25/2012: Kristinn Hrafnsson to speak at International Journalism Festival in Perugia.
05/23/2012: Julian Assange to speak at EIM2012 in The Netherlands.

WikiLeaks has been financially blockaded for 431 days.
(more info: http://wikileaks.org/Banking-Blockade.html)
Julian Assange has been under house arrest without charge for 427 days.  
Bradley Manning has been detained for 625 days.