On WikiLeaks:

On Julian Assange:
  • An anonymous blogger writes on the Australian government's offer to assist three anti-whalers who were detained after boarding a Japanese whaling ship, and the continued lack of similar support for Australian citizen Julian Assange.
  • Julian Assange did an exclusive interview with The Power Index, where he discusses the extradition case against him, Occupy Wall Street, and the NDAA. In the interview, he says that, "We hear that it is likely in January that the European Commission will make its decision on whether to engage in a full-scale investigation into the behaviour of the card companies."

Upcoming Dates:

01/11/2012: Day of action against Guantanamo Bay.
01/11/2012: Julian Assange detained for 400 days without charge.
01/14/2012: Bradley Manning in prison for 600 days.
01/16/2012: Decision to court martial Bradley Manning should be given by this date.
01/21/2012: "War on the Internet" panel in Melbourne with Jacob Appelbaum.
01/24/2012: Announcement of Academy Awards. "Incident in New Baghdad" is in the running.
02/01/2012: Julian Assange will appeal to the Supreme Court.
02/01/2012: Vigil for Julian Assange at UK Supreme Court, 9AM. 
04/25/2012: Kristinn Hrafnsson to speak at International Journalism Festival in Perugia.
05/23/2012: Julian Assange to speak at EIM2012 in The Netherlands.

WikiLeaks has been financially blockaded for 402 days.
(more info: http://wikileaks.org/Banking-Blockade.html)
Julian Assange has been under house arrest without charge for 399 days.  
Bradley Manning has been detained for 596 days.